When I first started the "Ball and Pump" program, my blood pressure and overall health was not good. After a few weeks I went to see my doctor and he couldn't get over the difference in my well-being. My blood pressure was almost normal and my medication was reduced to half. I had by-pass surgery about three years ago and gained weight and my body just slowed down. "Ball and Pump" helped me to get my health back and I began to lose some of the weight, without trying. The "Ball and Pump" program gave me hope! Thanks Rhonda.

Sonny. Galveston, TX

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A friend told me about a new workout program she had started a few weeks ago and how much stronger her knees felt.

I decided to give it a try because I was frustrated with the pain I felt everyday from arthritis. After the first week I noticed how much more energy I had, then as a couple of weeks went by; I was definitely stronger. It's now eight weeks later using the "Ball and Pump" program and I can't believe my core strength. My back doesn't hurt as much and I've lost inches around my stomach. I enjoy doing the workouts because they are never the same and best of all, I'm not as stiff and I'm becoming more flexible every week. Thanks Rhonda!

Denise S. Louisiana

"Ball and Pump" was a life altering program for me! I have suffered from a myriad of health problems for the past seventeen years; exercise intolerance was one of my symptoms. I have been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

and now know what has been damaging my body and limiting my physical abilities all of these years. When I started the program I saw improvements in my strength, balance, physical and mental health. The workouts are so great because you never do the same thing over and over again. That makes it fun, challenging and interesting. I also lost a total of fifteen pounds since I started. That was an added bonus! I would encourage anyone, regardless of your health or age to give "Ball and Pump" a try. I could barely walk when I started and had to use a cane. Who could have known? I can even jog for short intervals now and the cane is stored away.

Tammy N. Louisiana

I had not exercised for several months and had done little strength training in the prior three years.

Since beginning the "Ball and Pump" program, I have gained flexibility and improved my balance and, in just three months I have muscle definition! As a 66 year old with arthritis in my neck, spine and knees, stretching and warm-up exercises are critical. Rhonda continuously checks with me and ensures I am well prepared for each exercise with the right stretches. "Ball and Pump" keeps me active by strengthening my core and increasing my endurance. What amazed me was my ability to use the ball. To be honest, in the beginning it was a bit intimidating. My skepticism kicked in when Rhonda introduced the ball and demonstrated the initial exercise(s). My first attempts were just that, attempts; then I found my center and the concentration came and the balance developed, and now, I am fearless on the ball.

Rhonda is the ultimate professional; yet she is warm, personable with a great sense of humor and conviction to her calling. In today's world of wondering just who you can trust, you cannot go wrong by choosing Rhonda Lofdahl as your personal trainer.

Lou Ann T. Dallas, TX